Mary Landrieu Subpoenaed to Defend Residency Claims in Court

Mary Landrieu Subpoenaed to Defend Residency Claims in Court

The civil processing department of Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District issued two subpoenas Wednesday to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) compelling her appearance in court on Friday, September 5 in the case of Paul Hollis versus Mary L. Landrieu and Tom Schedler, Louisiana Secretary of State, according to several sources in the 19th Judicial District.

Sharon Zito, Deputy Clerk in Section 25 of the 19th Judicial District, confirmed to Breitbart News Wednesday afternoon that Ann Brandon in the civil processing department issued two subpoenas addressed to Senator Mary L. Landrieu on Wednesday morning.

One subpoena was sent via mail to her listed residential address in New Orleans.

The other subpoena was delivered to the office of the Sheriff of the Parish of East Baton Rouge at 222 St. Louis St. in Baton Rouge, according to Ms. Zito.

Late Wednesday, Ms. Zito did not know if the Sheriff had served the subpoena on Senator Landrieu.

Breitbart News contacted the public information office of the Sheriff of the Parish of East Baton Rouge on Wednesday but the person who answered the phone was unable to confirm this report, and the spokesperson did not return calls.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ms. Brandon confirmed that one subpoena was mailed to Senator Landrieu’s New Orlean address, while the second subpoena “went to the Sheriff’s office [in the Parish of East Baton Rouge] to be served.” 

Judge Wilson Fields, who was assigned the case after Judge Todd Hernandez recused himself, has set a hearing  on the case for Friday morning at 9 am.

In the event Senator Landrieu does not appear at the hearing, any sanctions “would be up to judge’s discretion,” according to another employee of the 19th Judicial District reached at Judge Wilson’s office by Breitbart News Wednesday afternoon.

Late Wednesday the plaintiff in the case, State Representative Paul Hollis, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview, “Mary Landrieu needs to be held accountable to the fact she hasn’t lived in Louisiana for a very long time, and people in our state need to know this.” 

“For instance,” Hollis added, “the third ranking member in Congress, Representative Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) family lives in Louisiana. Our other U.S. Senator’s family, David Vitter (R-LA), lives in Louisiana. That’s a challenging threshold to have two residences, but I expect more than the silly explanation that she lives with her parents.”

Breitbart News did not receive a response from Senator Landrieu’s office when it requested a comment late Wednesday.


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