Gallup: Obama Ties All-Time Low of 38% Job Approval

Gallup: Obama Ties All-Time Low of 38% Job Approval

Gallup’s daily tracking poll finds President Obama at 38% on Thursday, tying his all-time low. The last time the president hit 38% was in October of 2011. Until Tuesday, Obama had held an approval rating in the low 40s for two months. Wednesday, in this 3 day tracking poll, the president’s approval suddenly slipped from 42% to 39%.

Obama’s disapproval rating sits at 54%.

He is 16 points underwater.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Obama currently sits at 41.7% approve, 52.7% disapprove — 11 points upside down. In this poll, the president’s disapproval rate has been over 50% since August of 2013, well over a year.

Obama’s job performance of late has been so bad that, with the exception of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough,  even the mainstream and openly leftwing media have been critical, especially of his administration’s inability to put together a cohesive message on ISIS, a growing threat in the Middle East.

Early indications are that Friday’s monthly job numbers will disappoint

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