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NRSC Highlights Jeff Sessions Anti-Amnesty Efforts

NRSC Highlights Jeff Sessions Anti-Amnesty Efforts

A senator whose vocal opposition to amnesty has been a thorn in the side of the GOP establishment is now being used in promotional material for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

In an email to supporters Monday, the NRSC’s Brad Dayspring and Brook Hougesen highlighted recent reports detailing how Senate Democrats in tight red state elections, who had been pushing for Obama not to take executive action because it would hurt them politically, actually provided Obama the authority to do so in July. 

“In July, Senator Jeff Sessions forced a vote in the Senate that had the effect of putting Democrats on the record in support of President Obama’s executive action,” the email reads, putting the spotlight on the Senate’s most hawkish immigration reform opponent.  

“Shockingly, Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat to vote with Republicans to try and prohibit the President from bypassing Congress to take executive action,” the email continued. “In other words, the same Democrats who claim to oppose President Obama’s executive amnesty (Pryor, Shaheen, Hagan, Begich, Franken and Landrieu) voted with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to block the motion and support Obama’s executive amnesty.” 

The missive goes on to quote Sessions’ contention last week that Senate Democrats are “colluding” against Americans. 

“In light of that, it’s no wonder that Senator Jeff Sessions says that Senate Democrats are “colluding” with President Obama to deceive voters. ‘The only thing that is more shocking than Senate Democrats’ support for the president’s planned executive amnesty is the cravenness of asking him to proceed beginning the day after the midterms,’ he said.” 

In an interview with Breitbart News last week NumbersUSA president Roy Beck observed that the Republican message is sounding more like Alabama’s junior senator and predicted that the the result would be politically beneficial. 

“The Republican voice is sounding more like Jeff Sessions,” Beck said, explaining in part why the issue of immigration has become more politically powerful for the GOP.


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