Postal Service Halts Deliveries to Low Mail Slots Forcing Workers to Bend Over

Postal Service Halts Deliveries to Low Mail Slots Forcing Workers to Bend Over

Some residents in Borough Park in New York City are irate with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) because their service has been halted due to their low-set mail slots, according to the New York Daily News.

The postal service claims the slots are dangerous for their carriers and, as a result, the residents have to stand in lines an hour long at the 51st St. post office, many of them trying to pick up badly-needed medicines or their Social Security checks.

The residents of 46th Street were alerted to the change in their service by a letter from a postal service customer service manager arriving on August 21. The manager wrote, “My carrier has brought to my attention of his safety and I can’t afford for him to get injured. We are not trying to cause any unnecessary expense but we need this corrected.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Borough Park) was furious, calling the halt in service “insane.” Hikind asked, “Whatever happened to the post office delivering your mail in snow, sleet, hurricane?” He joined other elected officials to urge the USPS to resume its normal activities.

One 35-year resident of the neighborhood, Necha Altman, said she never had a problem getting her mail before through the slot at the bottom of her door. Once she got the letter warning of a change in service, she put new mailboxes on the wall, but the mail carrier balked because the new location required him to walk up nine steps. Altman said,  “He’s not thinking of us. He’s thinking of himself.”

Dr. Hemlata Parmar joined her neighbors to discuss the issue with their postal carrier, but the carrier was apparently quite upset. Parnar said, “He started screaming and yelling at me.”


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