House Republicans Draft Proposal to Arm Syrian Rebels

House Republicans Draft Proposal to Arm Syrian Rebels

House Republicans plan to unveil legislation to provide the Obama administration a limited authority to arm and train the Free Syrian Army, in a proposal that will require that Congress is kept in the loop, according to reports

According to Politico, which obtained a draft of the legislation, the proposal would grant the Obama administration the authority to arm and train the Syrian rebels. It further will require Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel update Congress 15 days before the armament begins and additional status reports every 90 days.

Politico’s report notes that the legislation is frank in its limitations, stressing that it does not provide any authority for the use of military force.

“Nothing in this section shall be construed to constitute a specific statutory authorization for the introduction of United States’ Armed Forces into hostilities or into situations where hostilities are clearly indicated by circumstances,” Politico quotes the draft legislation.

The legislation is likely to be included as an amendment to the continuing resolution to fund the government, according to a GOP aide.

Politico notes that the proposal would only provide authority through the end of the continuing resolution as which time the issue would be revived in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act during the lame duck session of Congress. 


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