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Buffett Drops Out of California Fundraiser for Kentucky Democratic Senate Candidate

Buffett Drops Out of California Fundraiser for Kentucky Democratic Senate Candidate

Less than 24 hours after Breitbart News first reported that Warren Buffett was scheduled to participate via conference call at Wednesday night’s California fundraiser for Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Grimes campaign confirmed the billionaire investor has dropped out of the event.

Campaign spokesperson Charly Norton told a reporter for a blog on Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race on Wednesday “Warren Buffett is not attending or participating in any event with Alison.”

When confronted with a PDF file of an invitation from the Grimes campaign to the fundraiser, Wednesday September 17 at the residence of Sharon Osberg and David Smith in Tiburon, California that explicitly stated “and via conference call special guest Warren Buffett,” Norton elaborated on her initial denial of Buffett’s participation.

“That is an error that has since been corrected. Buffett is not participating in the event or attending,” Norton stated.

Breitbart News emailed Norton to provide details on the nature of the “error,” in light of the fact that ACT BLUE, the highly successful liberal fund-raising firm that turned Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) into a financial superstar, sent out an email with the exact same information about Buffett’s participation to hundreds of thousands of its subscribers.

Norton did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for a response.

In addition to the controversy his funding for Burger King’s acquisition of Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons caused among left-wing Democrats, who called it a tax inversion scam, Buffett’s decision to close down the Jamestown, Kentucky manufacturing plant owned by his Berkshire-Hathway subsidiary Fruit of the Loom leaves him vulnerable to charges that he is behind the loss of hundreds of Kentucky jobs. reported in April that 600 employees at the plant will lose their jobs.


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