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Mitt Romney Backs Scott Brown: Jeanne Shaheen Is 'Simon Says Senator' for Obama

Mitt Romney Backs Scott Brown: Jeanne Shaheen Is 'Simon Says Senator' for Obama

A new web video to be released by the Scott Brown campaign in New Hampshire on Wednesday features Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, slamming incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) as President Barack Obama’s “Simon says Senator.”

“Now you know that this is a critical year,” Romney says in the video. “The people of New Hampshire have a chance to vote on what they think about the president’s agenda. Washington is not a place where New Hampshire wants to play a game of Simon Says. One person is his number one supporter, Jeanne Shaheen. She votes with the President 99% of the time. She’s the Simon Says senator.” 

“We don’t need that,” he continues. “We need to have an independent voice. You have a choice. Your next United States Senator from New Hampshire, Scott Brown.”

The video of Romney campaigning for Brown was shot at Scamman Farm in Stratham, New Hampshire.

A CNN poll in early September showed Brown tied with Shaheen at 48 percent, but three more recent polls suggest he’s slipped since then. A Rasmussen Reports poll in the second week of September has Shaheen up six points, a New England College poll in the third week of September had Shaheen up seven points, and an ARG poll in the last week of September had Shaheen up 10.

Brown has run aggressively on immigration and national security and says the Democrat party has poured millions into his race to fight him.

“This is the last chance to pass judgment on the Obama administration,” Brown said in a recent interview on the Laura Ingraham show. “He’s not up for reelection but his number one foot soldier is, and there’s no one — no one– in this country more invested in the failures of the president than Sen. Shaheen.” 

“If people want to make a real statement and they want to take back our country and right the ship — and re-establish who we are as Americans — then they need to get online and help me,” he stated. “I’m getting the crap kicked out of me. That’s okay because I’m a big boy and I’m gonna fight, and as a result of all that I’m up four, that’s fine I’m going to continue to march. But they’re getting desperate. Why are they getting desperate? Their rule and dysfunction in the United States Senate is soon coming to an end.”



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