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Nancy Pelosi Calls for Independent Investigation of Secret Service

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Independent Investigation of Secret Service

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an independent probe into the Secret Service during her Wednesday press conference. 

“There has to be an independent investigation as to what is going on in the Secret Service. The protection of the president has to be precise, it has to be flawless and there has to be accountability. And that is not the case,” she said, calling the recent security breaches “inexcusable.”

According to Pelosi, simply having Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resign will not necessarily get at the root of the problem — particularly the culure, procedures and accountability of the agency. 

“I think an independent investigation is what is needed, not just to hold people accountable but to see how we should go forward in a way that again has precision, accountability and is flawless,” Pelosi said. 

Pierson appeared before the House Oversight Committee Tuesday, where lawmakers took her to task for recent breaches in the security of President Obama and the first family.

On Wednesday, the top Democrat on the Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), said he did “not feel comfortable with [Pierson] in that position.” He took to Twitter shortly thereafter to say that he actually has not decided about Pierson.

Pelosi, when asked about Cummings’ suggestion that Pierson should step down, said she has “great confidence” in Cummings and that she would accept the recommendation he offered. The minority leader stressed, however, that she would like to see an independent investigation. 

“While I have confidence in Mr. Cummings, complete confidence, I do think that the challenge may go beyond [Pierson],” she said.

Tuesday, The Hill reported that lawmakers in both parties called for an independent investigation into the Secret Service. 


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