Menu for Obamas: No Butter!

Menu for Obamas: No Butter!

Floyd Cardoz, executive chef for the White Street NYC restaurant in New York, is making dinner for President Obama, the First Lady, and 250 guests on Sunday at a Democratic party fundraiser, and he’s going to make sure he doesn’t offend Mrs. Obama and her health initiative. 

When asked how many pounds of butter he was going to use, Cardoz responded, “If you know my cooking, there will be zero. I dislike cooking with butter.”

Cardoz, who won on Top Chef Masters, boasted, “We’re going to cook our asses off. Because how often do you get to have the president in the same zip code as you, let alone the same space?”

The gourmet meal will consist of Long Island fluke, short-rib dish with grits, pumpkin-ricotta soup, and a chickpea cake with avocado. Cardoz was only too happy to serve Obama, saying, “I want him to understand that my philosophy is pretty close to his philosophy, and want to showcase what we do at White Street.”

Cardoz may eschew butter, but he’s indulging his sweet tooth; he said, “We’re going to get every guest to leave with a bag of cookies. I’ve asked for chocolate-chip cookies because that’s what I like. No nuts.”

Tickets for the event range from $1,000 to $25,000.


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