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Poll: Americans More Worried About Ebola Than They Were Swine Flu

Poll: Americans More Worried About Ebola Than They Were Swine Flu

A new poll reveals that Americans are more worried today about Ebola than they were at the height of the H1N1, Swine Flu outbreak in 2009 with one fifth of respondents worried that they could contract the deadly African virus. But respondents were even less sanguine that the US government could successfully handle today’s scare than they were in 2009.

A new Gallup poll finds that 22 percent of respondents are worried that they could contract Ebola. This compares to 2009 polling results showing that only 20 percent of Americans felt that they might catch the Swine Flu.

As to Ebola, most Americans don’t seem to think they will get the illness. “34 percent deem it ‘not too likely,’ and 49 percent say ‘not likely at all.’ Four percent of Americans think it is very likely they will contract the Ebola virus, and another 10 percent consider it somewhat likely,” Gallup says.

Gallup also found that Americans are even less confident that the U.S. government can successfully handle the Ebola outbreak, compared to how they felt the government could handle the Swine Flu outbreak.

Only 26 percent are very confident that the government can handle Ebola while 61 percent are skeptical of government involvement. By comparison, 74 percent thought the government could easily handle outbreaks of the Swine Flu.

A large number also feel that the country is sure to be hit with an Ebola outbreak. Only 12 percent feel that the country won’t be hit with Ebola.

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