Pryor Defends Vote For Obamacare, Attacks Iraq Vet's 'Ambition'

Pryor Defends Vote For Obamacare, Attacks Iraq Vet's 'Ambition'

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) defended his vote for Obamacare and attacked Republican challenger and Iraq War Veteran Tom Cotton’s “ambition” during Monday’s Arkansas debate.

Obamacare (the Affordable Healthcare Act) passed the Senate in December 2009 against a united Republican front. All 60 Democrats aligned with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to vote “yea” and heave it upon the backs of the American people. 

Senator Mark Pryor was one of the Democrats who stood with Reid. 

According to Politco Pro, Pryor defended his vote for Obamacare by saying, “A few weeks ago…at church, a guy came up to [him] and gave [him] a hug and thanked [him] for voting for the Affordable Healthcare Act.” He suggested the man who hugged him would not have insurance without Obamacare.

Pryor then went after Cotton over the support the Iraq War vet has received from conservative groups around the country. Pryor said the applause Cotton received while attending an Americans for Prosperity event “is still ringing in his ears.”

He said Cotton “has allowed his ambition to get the best of him” and that “[Cotton] will do anything [and] say anything” to get financial contributions to win the race. Cotton’s campaign responded by showing “that three of the five top outside spenders in the Senate race back Pryor” and the biggest spender in the race is the “pro-Democratic Senate Majority PAC.” 

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