Obama Says He’s ‘Still Not’ King, Hypocritical for Americans to Oppose Amnesty

Obama Says He’s ‘Still Not’ King, Hypocritical for Americans to Oppose Amnesty

President Barack Obama believes he is “still not” king after enacting his executive amnesty and thinks it is hypocritical for Americans to oppose a pathway to citizenship for most illegal immigrants. 

Telemundo’s Jose Diaz Balart reminded Obama on Tuesday that he has said “over and over again” that, “I’m not king, I’m president of the United States.”

Obama replied that he is “still not” king. 

Referencing the numerous times in which Obama said he could not unilaterally change the country’s immigration laws, Obama said he was arguing “that I did not have the authority to simply not deport.” But Obama conceded that even though there will be “some deportations” after his executive amnesty is enacted, the likelihood that illegal immigrants who are not violent criminals will be deported is “gonna be much lower.”

“We are not going to continue a process in which we hypocritically claim that these folks have no path to… get legal, at the same time, as we know, that they’re working in our restaurants, working in our fields, picking fruit, working in… our hotels where we stay, cleaning up our hotel rooms,” he said. “I think the majority of Americans want strong borders. But they also recognize people who’ve been here for a while, they deserve a chance to get out of the shadows and be held accountable by paying taxes.”


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