Democrats Mock Mitt Romney’s Campaign Against Poverty


Politico calls Romney’s mention of eradicating poverty “The reinvention of Mitt Romney” but wastes no time in pointing out all the criticism now headed Romney’s way, courtesy of Democrats.

Former Obama campaign aides mock their 2012 opponent’s new anti-poverty crusade.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren couldn’t help but jump in via Twitter.

Politico clearly seems to be enjoying what they rightly characterize as “mockery” a bit too much.

 “In a word,” said one of Obama’s 2012 campaign alums, describing the reactions bouncing around on private emails and text messages, “disbelief.”

Another word might be mockery.

“Romney is 47 percent concerned about inequality,” the president’s 2012 campaign press secretary, Ben LaBolt, said in an email. “The other 53 percent of him would rather polish his car elevators.”

The car elevator is a common refrain.

In reality, a discussion of poverty in America and how best to reduce it, if not eliminate it, could be a productive discussion, with Republicans giving a voice and a more full explanation to their socioeconomic views. What remains to be seen is if Mitt’s predicament—that is to say his history as a flawed and failed presidential candidate—makes him the right messenger in this case. And that’s even before one considers his wealth and relationship to big business. While there may be nothing wrong with that, the optics may not serve him well.

Mitt’s other problem rests in a pack of Republicans also chasing the 2016 GOP nomination. Unlike when he was the candidate in 2012, now he’s likely to see criticism from his own side, while relatively few rush to his side in support.


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