President Obama Vows To Protect ‘Core Constitutional Right’ To Abortion

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

In a statement recognizing the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, President Obama vowed to protect the right to abortion in America — even as thousands of pro-life activists marched in Washington D.C. to protest the Supreme Court’s decision.

“I am deeply committed to protecting this core constitutional right,” he said, criticizing Republicans for passing a bill earlier today in the House to block taxpayer funding for abortions.

Obama asserted that the bill would “intrude on women’s reproductive freedom and access to health care,” and his administration issued a veto threat of the bill.

“The federal government should not be injecting itself into decisions best made between women, their families, and their doctors,” he said.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest derided Republicans for choosing to focus on divisive social issues as well as efforts to undermine Obama on Obamacare, the Keystone XL pipeline and immigration reform.

“We think there is a pretty clear contrast between the agenda that’s been put forward over the last couple of weeks by Republicans in the House of Representatives and the middle class-focused agenda that the President has been discussing over the last several weeks,” he said.

“We’re pretty satisfied with that contrast,” he added.


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