Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka on the Obama Military Strategy: ‘Alice in Wonderland’

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Appearing on Fox News this morning to discuss a viable strategy to defeat radical Islamist ideology, Breitbart National Security editor and Major General Horner Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University Dr. Sebastian Gorka described the Obama administration’s approach to fighting radical Islam as “fantasy: Alice in Wonderland.”

Discussing the topic with anchor Peter Johnson, Jr., Dr. Gorka argued that gains made by radical Islamist terrorists like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are largely due to post-modern secular “political elites,” and those who fear running afoul of political correctness when accurately identifying the enemy. America’s foreign policy, he continued, remained “under a veil of political correctness that is out of control, and we seem to think that declaring victory means you’ve won. Pulling out your troops doesn’t mean you’ve won.”

A policy of negotiation is destined to fail, Dr. Gorka asserted, because radical Islamists are totalitarians. “You can’t negotiate with totalitarians, whether they are communists in the Kremlin, whether it’s Adolf Hitler in his bunker, or whether it’s jihadists, and this administration does not understand this kind of war,” he concluded. Asked what lessons President Ronald Reagan’s policies during the Cold War could offer the state of American foreign policy in the 21st century, Dr. Gorka’s answer was the same: “The greatest lesson is that this is a totalitarian ideology–just like communism, just like fascism, we are facing totalitarians. This time, it’s Islamist jihadists.”

Among the biggest mistakes of the Obama administration, he noted, was to attempt to explain away Islamist terrorism as a phenomenon related to anything but the nihilism of the ideology. “We can’t talk about the fact that it’s poverty or lack of education–that’s ridiculous,” he said, referring to multiple comments from State Department officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, that Islam is unrelated to Islamist violence.

Dr. Gorka added that if poverty and lack of education were the causes of extremism and violence “then half of India would be terrorists.”

To explain why groups like the Islamic State have been able to make significant strides under the tenure of President Obama, and why the administration refuses to call the enemy Islamist terrorists, Dr. Gorka referenced “naive liberal idealism” as well as “an executive that doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and… a belief that there is no such thing as evil” and an administration that “refuses to believe in the existence of evil and evildoers.”

Asked to summarize President Obama’s “military theory,” Dr. Gorka had few words: “Fantasy. Alice in Wonderland.”

Watch Dr. Gorka’s appearance on Fox News Saturday below:


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