Rand Paul Gets Hepatitis A Booster

Twitter / @SenRandPaul
Twitter / @SenRandPaul
Washington, DC

After taking flack over his comments regarding vaccination, Republican Senator Rand Paul managed to fit in a booster shot for Hepatitis A at the Capitol physician’s office.

To no one’s surprise, Paul managed to make sure a reporter went along for the visit.

 To prove his point, Mr. Paul invited a reporter with him to watch him get his booster vaccination for Hepatitis A.

“It just annoys me that I’m being characterized as someone who’s against vaccines,” Mr. Paul said as he settled into a chair in an examination room in the Capitol physician’s office.

“There’s 400 headlines now that say ‘Paul says vaccines cause mental disorders,’” he added. “That’s not what I said. I said I’ve heard of people who’ve had vaccines and they see a temporal association and they believe that.”

Speaking on CNBC yesterday, Mr. Paul said he was aware of “many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.”

The move set Twitter abuzz.