Hillary Biographer: Hillary ‘Backtracking’ on Vaccines

Amie Parnes, Senior White House Correspondent for the Hill and co-author of the Hillary Clinton biography “HRC” declared that Hillary Clinton was “backtracking” from her earlier position on the link between vaccines and autism on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“She was in the camp of ‘oh, we need to see where autism–how autism is connected to this [vaccines]’ and then now she’s basically backtracking” Parnes said.

She continued, stating that Clinton had flip-flopped “a little bit, because you saw her when she was a Senator sort of take a different approach. But a lot of people at the time were, Senator Obama was at the time, he basically was trying to make the case that autism could be related. And so I think that now that some research has shown that it’s not, I think she has sort of come out on the opposite end.”

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