Gabbard: White House Ignoring My Critiques of Terror Rhetoric

Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), an Iraq War veteran who has, on multiple occasions, criticized the Obama administration’s rhetoric on Islamist terror, reported that no one at the White House has reached out to her about her concerns on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN.

Gabbard said that no one at the White House has contacted her “I haven’t had the opportunity to engage with him [President Obama] directly on this issue, but it’s an issue obviously that i feel strongly about.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer seemed surprised at the lack of White House outreach, “what’s stunning to me, Congresswoman, as someone who’s covered Washington for a long time is that no one from the White House, no Congressional Liaison, no National Security Council official, forget about the president or the vice president, but no one, you’re a fellow Democrat, you’re an Iraq War veteran, you’re a member of the House Armed Services Committee, no one has gotten in touch with you and said ‘let’s have lunch, let’s talk about this, maybe there is some common ground, we can discuss this.’ It’s pretty stunning to me that no one has bothered to pick up a phone and even discuss these issues with you.”

Blitzer even asked former White House Press Secretary Jay Carnet “what’s going on over at the white house? why wouldn’t someone pick up the phone?” Carney, even though he defended the Obama administration’s rhetorical posture on terrorism, said “I have to say I’m surprised, and I’m disappointed. I think that this is a perfect opportunity for the kind of conversation that you talk about to take place” on the lack of outreach to Gabbard.

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