Another Voter Fraud Arrest in Texas Border County from 2012 Democratic Primaries

Jose Angel Garza - Cameron County Sheriff's Office Mugshot
Cameron County Sheriff's Office Mugshot

Texas authorities have formally charged two men accused of cheating during the 2012 Democratic Party 2012 Primary near the Texas border. The most recent arrest was carried out by the Cameron County District Attorney’s office after a grand jury handed down indictments against two separate individuals, information provided by the Cameron County DA’s office to Breitbart Texas revealed.

One of the defendants has been identified as Jose Angel Garza. He was formally charged on a five count indictment on the charge of tampering with a marked ballot. Rafael Angel Elizondo has been charged with one count of the same charge for an offense that allegedly took place in July 2012, the information provided to Breitbart Texas revealed.

DA’s investigators have arrested Garza but Elizondo is in New York. Elizondo is expected to return to the border community where he will be arrested, the DA’s office said.

The investigation into the voter fraud is being carried out by the Texas Attorney General’s Office in conjunction with the DA’s office who announced that more indictments could follow.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the Texas border has been the scene of multiple voter fraud arrests in connection with the 2012 Democrat primaries and the presidential election. Federal agents have, since 2013, been investigating multiple cases of voter fraud in the border city of Donna in connection with the 2012 school board election and the Hidalgo County Commissioner’s race where votes were bought with cocaine, marijuana, cash, beer and cigarettes. Hidalgo County Commissioner A.C. Cuellar has not been arrested despite being mentioned by some of the campaign workers as the man whose campaign they worked for.

Most recently Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa said he was disgusted with the voter fraud case where he sentenced two of the main players in the Donna ISD school board election.

“I can think of nothing else that has caused more damage to the election process than what you have done … This is disgusting, this whole case is disgusting,” Hinojosa said during the hearing.

As Breitbart Texas has previously reported, the school board in the border city of Donna appears to have a deeply ingrained culture of corruption. Board members appear to play favorites when it comes to handing out contracts. Since new board members took office after the November 2014 election the school board fired the district’s law firm and hired as an attorney, a convicted felon who had been in prison for money laundering and is set to receive more than $300,000 as a retainer for attending simply school board meetings. For other work outside of the meetings the contract sets a $225 hourly fee for the attorney.

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