Krauthammer: Clintons ‘Are Entitled’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal was proof that “the Clintons are entitled” on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“When you hear these stories about the Clintons, it’s all of a pattern. Whether or not it was illegal, how scandalous it is. Yes, it was a breach of secrecy, it established a security risk, and of course, it allows the Clintons complete control over what is known and what’s not known, which is not supposed to be the case. But it is so Clintonian, it sort of walks the line — the amazing thing here is, it’s — they never sought to hide it. I mean, she goes four years, no one ever receives an email from her that has the State Department address. It’s all private, so it wasn’t as if they were hiding it it, but it’s as if the Clintons are entitled to their own rules on all aspects of public life, including, for example, the collection of contributions from foreign governments in a way that is truly scandalous, but that it’s sort of done almost in the open because the Clintons are entitled” he stated.

The Hill Associate Editor A.B. Stoddard added that Clinton made her e-mails “as insecure as possible,” which she argued is astonishing.”

Weekly Standard Senior Writer Stephen Hayes closed the discussion by pointing out that the e-mail discovery disproves the “conventional wisdom” that the Benghazi Select Committee was a waste of time because all the questions on Benghazi had been answered.

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