Moms Demand Loses: WV Senate Votes to Repeal Concealed Permit Requirement

AP Photo/The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stephanie S. Cordle
AP Photo/The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stephanie S. Cordle

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has been on somewhat of a skid for quite some time, from Staples’ headquarters telling group members to get off its property to Starbucks refusing to ban guns in its stores–Moms Demand Action’s claims notwithstanding–to Kroger, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) ignoring its gun control requests, as well.

And now we can add one more prominent group to the list of those who were not swayed by the antics of Moms Demand Action. That group is the West Virginia Senate.

On February 24, Moms Demand Action urged the West Virginia Senate not to pass legislation which would rescind the requirement for a concealed carry permit in that state. They said the bill under consideration–SB 347–“would effectively dismantle the state’s concealed carry permitting system, changing West Virginia law to allow dangerous people to carry guns in public.”

This line of thinking suggests criminals and dangerous people would not carry guns in public if the concealed carry permit system remained in place, which is a ridiculous suggestion. And it carried no weight with the West Virginia senators who voted 32-2 to rescind the concealed carry permit requirement just three days after Moms Demand Action asked them not to.

The bill also lowers the age for concealed carry from 21 to 18. Lowering the age was another aspect of SB 347 that Moms Demand Action unsuccessfully opposed.

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