FNC’s Wallace on Hillary Emails: ‘Bombshell,’ Dems Questioning Future

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said the evolving scandal over reports that while head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton exclusively emailed all official State Department emails using her private email account with private servers maintained at her residence is a “bombshell” in Washington D.C.

Wallace said, “This is a a bombshell here in Washington, and the most interesting indication of that is what you are seeing in the Democratic party among the people who, in a sense,  bet everything on Hillary Clinton. And all of the chips are in on Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee and now you are beginning to hear party functionaries and some public officials who are saying, ‘gosh do we want to make it a coronation?’ We don’t know what is coming out of this. And we don’t know other shoes to drop on this or other potential scandals. And what if a year from now, we all nominated Hillary Clinton and she’s the Democratic nominee and we find out there is something that disqualifies her as a presidential candidate?”

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