Krauthammer: E-mails Reminding People How Clintons Operate

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that the scandal over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is “reviving the image of what the Clintons are and how they operate” on Friday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“What this scandal is doing, and what the scandal of the millions that came in from outside the governments in the Clinton Foundation is doing is reviving the image of what the Clintons are and how they operate. She is running on the Clinton name and the memory of the good times in the ’90s. That’s her advantage in being a Clinton. Peace and prosperity. But now what’s happened, is she has now revived the downside of the ’90s, the downside of the Clinton years, which was the parsing of words, the skirting of the law, the operating outside of the rules that people might have let go of, but now is back in full force” he stated.

Krauthammer argued earlier that, “the regulations that she was living under which came from the National Archives were that all communication, all e-mails had to be lodged with the Archives. And of course they are now lodged in her basement in a server that she owns. So — but this is sort of a classic Clintonian distraction, was there a violation of the law? So, we get into Clintonian distinctions, what is the meaning of is? And this is what they want us to talk about. What she did was wrong, everybody knew it was wrong.”

He added that the spirit of public disclosure and records law is that “the federal government is in possession. So, it decides if there’s anything that has to be held back or redacted, but not the individual involved. The essence of the offense here is that she controls the e-mails. She owns a server, and that she decides, her people decide, we cull the e-mails, we throw out stuff or we hide stuff, who knows that nobody will know about.”

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