Obama Yet to Congratulate Netanyahu Despite Not Waiting to Call Newly Elected Islamist Leaders

AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza
AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza

At press time, President Obama has not yet congratulated the new Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel is the only real democracy in the region, it is militarily sophisticated, and is America’s strongest and most stable ally.

President Obama’s peevish, grudging, and hostile behavior is not statesman-like and is definitely not in America’s best interest.

However, Obama’s self-indulgent behavior does not seem to change. For example, in 2013, it took President Obama one full week before he called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election win.

In 2012, it took Obama “hours” to congratulate Muslim Brotherhood candidate and then Egyptian President-elect Mohammed Morsi on winning his election.

In 2012, Obama called to congratulate Vladimir Putin on winning what was probably a rigged election. So much for Obama’s concern for democracy and human rights. Russia is the country that annexed Crimea, invaded and occupied Ukraine, and has Stalinist designs on eastern Europe.

Also in 2012, Obama congratulated the former Saudi King on choosing a new heir: Prince Salman. Saudi Arabia is a world class human rights violator, and a Sharia state.

In 2013, Obama broke three decades of silence to congratulate Islamist Iranian Prime Minister Hassan Rouhani.

Friendly overtures to Islamist Iran—the country that kidnapped fifty two Americans and held them hostage for 444 days; the country that has exported terrorism to all corners of the globe both ideologically and militarily through Hezbollah, its striking arm; the country that is hell-bent on exterminating Israel; the country that is well on its way to becoming nuclear— this is the country the Obama honors with a congratulatory phone call.

In 2013, Obama congratulated Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan for his Presidential victory. According to Reuters, the initial call “lasted 45 minutes.” Obama praised the prime minister’s speech.

Turkey supports Hamas (the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza) and allows its leaders to operate from Turkey. It has allowed foreign jihadis to pass through its airports and borders in order to join ISIS while refusing to participate in any “U.S.-led operations against ISIS.” It has kept the Incirlik air base off limits to its NATO partners.

Obama is not a statesman for our times; Netanyahu is. Netanyahu is the leader of the Free World. His stirring speech before Congress about the danger of a nuclear Iran galvanized both Americans and Israelis who came out in droves to vote for him.

Obama is a sore loser. He backed a campaign to defeat Netanyahu, and that campaign failed. Graciousness in defeat is called for. This character trait seems foreign to Obama.

President Obama: Call Bibi. Do not sit on your hands. Do not maliciously shut down Ben Gurion Airport again. Start befriending your allies and take a second and third look at America’s enemies.


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