Police: No Evidence of Rolling Stone’s UVA ‘Rape,’ Accuser Refused to Cooperate


Charlottesville, Virginia police said Monday they had no evidence of the occurrence of a gang rape of a University of Virginia student that was described in detail in Rolling Stone last November.

According to the Associated Press, police chief Timothy Longo said the alleged victim, known as “Jackie,” refused to cooperate with police during the investigation. Longo added that the case has been suspended since police have thus far been unable to find evidence that it occurred.

Rolling Stone alleged that “Jackie” was gang raped by men belonging to the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in 2012, but ultimately had to retract their story due to significant discrepancies.

Breitbart Texas’ Sarah Rumpf reported in early December:

The Rolling Stone writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, had not attempted to contact any of the men that Jackie claimed raped her. Once Erdely’s story made national headlines, major contradictions came to light. Discrepancies mentioned in a Washington Post article Friday include: the fraternity claims that they had not had a party on the night identified in the article, none of their members were employed at UVA’s Aquatic Fitness Center where Jackie claimed to have met the ringleader of her attack, and no member of the fraternity matched the physical description of Jackie’s rapist.


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