Campus Rape

Purdue Clears Employee in Rape Threat Investigation Against Pro-Life Students

Purdue University says it “did not find sufficient evidence” to take any personnel action against Jamie Newman, a visual-arts department accompanist and composer who was investigated by the school for allegations of threats of rape against pro-life students and their family members.

Students for Life

Sexual Assault Survivors Sue UC Berkeley

Three victims of sexual assault are suing the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Board of Regents for allegedly failing to properly prevent, investigate and handle sexual assaults that reportedly took place while they were taking classes at the school.


The Biggest Failure In the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax

Americans have the power to prove we’re not children by punishing the storytellers, and forcing our profit-conscious bosses to start dispensing actual journalism again. Don’t stop with the media, either – there’s a huge zero-accountability storytelling government out there in need of reform.

AP Photo/The Daily Progress, Ryan M. Kelly

No One Fired After Rolling Stone’s Colossal Rape Debacle

Of course no one was or will be fired at “Rolling Stone” in the wake of the left-wing outlet’s colossal debacle in misreporting a gang rape that almost certainly didn’t happen at the University of Virginia. When you’re an activist

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