Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson is ‘political naif’

Dr. Ben Carson speaks in this file photo

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently took to Twitter to characterize former Fox News contributor and potential Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, as a “political naif.”

Actually, some likely see Carson’s lack of political experience as a plus.

The key test will be whether or not it leads to certain critical missteps that could hurt him across a broader audience. As Mediaite reported at the time, there is at least some evidence that’s already been the case. While it’s still early enough for anyone to recover from a mistake, or even a misstatement or two, with other Republicans gearing up their efforts for a run at the top spot on the 2016 ticket, the time window for a recovery may be closing soon.

Before he has announced an official run, Carson has managed to make a number of statements just this month that have thrust him into the spotlight — not always in a good way. He told CNN he thinks being gay is a “choice,” warned that Shia and Sunni Muslims might “unite” to “destroy” America and called Obama a “psychopath” in his new GQ profile.


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