Connecticut High School Confirms Worm Found in School Lunch

Photos courtesy of Kimberly Davidson
Photos courtesy of Kimberly Davidson
Wallingford, CT

A student at Sheehan High School in Connecticut raised fears of contaminated food after posting photos to social media of a worm found in a fruit cup served in the school cafeteria.

The images posted showed moldy bread and images of worms found in some of the food served to the high schoolers.

Kimberly Davidson, a parent of the student who found the worm, said that several students had found insects in some of the food served them. Davidson said that other parents also said their students found contaminated or rotting food in the cafeteria.

“What are they feeding our kids?” Davidson said. “It looks like a maggot.”

After the images became widely passed on social media a local politician queried the school’s Food Services, Director Sharlene Wong, about the incident. Wong admitted that the photos were true.

“It was a fruit worm that was found in the cupped fruit,” Wong reported. “The distributor was contacted and a QA review started. The company came to pick up the worm and the supposed fruit cup it was in. My understanding is that it is being sent to a lab for testing.”

The food service director, though, said she felt it was an isolated incident as she had never seen a worm in canned fruit in the past.

School superintendent Salvatore Menzo said that the school was looking into the incident and took the matter seriously.

“We need to balance that we serve thousands of meals a day and certainly we don’t take anything lightly because it is important that we provide a quality product for our children,” Menzo told the media.

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