Scott Walker Camp Disputes WSJ Story; Insists Gov. ‘Does Not Support Amnesty’

Scott Walker

The Wall Street Journal reports that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had shifted his stance on amnesty during a talk in New Hampshire earlier this month.

“Walker’s remarks, which were confirmed by three people present and haven’t been reported previously, vary from the call he has made in recent weeks for ‘no amnesty’—a phrase widely employed by people who believe immigrants who broke the law by entering the country without permission shouldn’t be awarded legal status or citizenship,” the Journal wrote.

Gov. Walker’s spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski says that report is wrong:

“We strongly dispute this account. Governor Walker has been very clear that he does not support amnesty and believes that border security must be established and the rule of law must be followed. His position has not changed, he does not support citizenship for illegal immigrants, and this story line is false,” she announced in an email to journalists Thursday afternoon.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story.


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