Sen. Rubio Says He’s ‘Realistic’ On Immigration: ‘We Can’t Do It All At Once’

Gary Cameron / Reuters
Gary Cameron / Reuters

After confirming that he plans to make an announcement about his plans for 2016, Senator Marco Rubio described himself as “realistic” on immigration reform.

“I think I’m realistic on immigration,” said Rubio during an interview on the Fox News program “The Five,” pointing out that the current status of the immigration system was “not sustainable.”

Rubio pointed to President Obama’s executive orders as problematic to immigration reform, making comprehensive reform impossible.

“The American people will not support doing anything further on immigration until first they believe that illegal immigration in the future is under control,” Rubio said. “If that happens, I think that people are willing to be very reasonable about what we do with those here now, that have been here for a long time and have not otherwise violated our laws.”

But first, Rubio explained, the United States government has to prove to skeptical Americans that it’s possible to stop future illegal immigration.

“Until you can show them, not tell them, until you can show them that you are going to bring future illegal immigration under control, I think it’s impossible to move forward on anything else on immigration,” he said. “That’s just the fact given what has happened over the last couple of years.”


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