Michelle Obama’s Dance Party Continues on the ‘Tonight Show’


First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by The Tonight Show Thursday to celebrate the fifth year of her Let’s Move! initiative, and to participate in a series of choreographed dance routines with host Jimmy Fallon.

In a new segment titled The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2, Michelle can be seen dancing with Jimmy Fallon to “I Like the Way You Move”.

The routine is a follow up to a similar one the pair performed in 2013 during the First Lady’s last visit to the show.

With signature moves like “You Go Girl” and “Oh my God, I Didn’t Know You Were Coming Here,” Michelle demonstrated her physical fitness, and hopes to inspire parents around the country to engage in healthy activities with their children.

Let’s Move! is a program created by the FLOTUS, with the goal of promoting an active lifestyle for American children. It was launched in February 2010.

During a sit down interview with Fallon, Michelle revealed she would be doing a routine on the lawn of the White House during this year’s annual Easter egg roll on April 6.

Michelle said she’s been practicing the particular dance routine, called “#GimmeFive,” for more than a year.

The First Lady also gave away her secrets for getting her and the president’s teenage daughters to eat healthy, which she said includes a “no treat” rule if Sasha and Malia don’t eat their vegetables

She told Fallon if the girls tell her they are full to avoid eating their greens, they are to receive no replacement meals in between.

“After a couple of days of starvation, it’s like, ‘gimme the broccoli,’ she explained.

Michelle Obama performed a rendition of the “#GimmeFive” dance routine with Ellen degeneres in March.

Watch: Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Party


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