Carly Fiorina on Iran: ‘Russia Is Not on Our Side in This Negotiation’


At a speaking event in Washington, D.C., Monday evening, Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO and possible 2016 candidate, said she isn’t sure what side some of the parties are on at the negotiating table regarding the Iran deal.

“Russia is not on our side in this negotiation,” warned Fiorina. She said Russia has a keen interest in building up its nuclear industry by becoming the supplier and partner of choice to Iran.

Regarding the deal with Iran, Fiorina said America must have inspections, verification, and compliance before any sanctions on Iran are lifted.

Fiorina also met Russian President Vladimir Putin while doing business there. She said Putin is a very interesting man, highly intelligent, and highly educated. She added that he can be quite charming and actually has a good sense of humor.

But Fiorina warned, “He is also a man that is focused on power.” She believes he is focused on economic, political, and territorial dominance.

“He believes it is his mission to restore the historic power of the Russian empire, so if that’s who you are facing off against, it doesn’t take a lot to understand that someone like that will not be stopped unless he senses real strength, resolve, and purpose on the other side,” explained Fiorina.

She said she doubts that Vladimir Putin will stop his crusade for dominance.

“He is a man who has effectively concentrated so much power in his person, it’s really stunning.”


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