Fournier: Hillary’s ‘Really Worried’ About Rubio

National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “really worried” about Marco Rubio’s candidacy on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“The Clinton campaign’s really worried about him [Rubio]. They really are. And I think Hillary gave him an advantage, but so did Obama by these relations with Cuba. … So, every time he said ‘yesterday, yesterday, yesterday,’ ‘past, past, past’ he might as well have said ‘Clinton, Clinton, Clinton,’ ‘Bush, Bush, Bush.’ This was a not too subtle hit at Jeb Bush as well. I do agree it was very Clinton-esque. I think he’s trying to talk about building the bridge to the 21st century that Clinton promised to do in ’96, and never quite got done. Very aspirational, very forward-looking, very new generation, good speech” he stated.

Fournier added, “I spent the last three or four days in Iowa, and I was surprised by how many Republicans in Iowa were saying they’re really intrigued, really wanted to hear more from Rubio. He has all kinds of upside in that state.”

Fournier did say that “we tend to vote for the exact opposite of the two-term president. He’s an awful like Barack Obama in that extent [being a first-term Senator].”

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