Catholic University Student Delegates Vote for Campus Carry, Administration Says No


The Catholic University of America’s Student Association General Assembly (SAGA) passed a resolution to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on campus for self-defense, but administrators demand they remain unarmed.

Delegate Matt Hanrahan “grew up 15 minutes from the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown,” and he says the attack taught him that gun-free campuses are really just targets for people who do not want their victims firing back.

He said, “We live in an area where anybody can come onto our campus and they might not have the best intention.”

According to FOX 5, the resolution in favor of campus carry passed by a margin of “16-11.”

Junior class delegate and hunter Kevin Freile supported the measure not simply for the benefits of campus carry, but also as a way to rein in asinine gun-free policies that turn students into criminals over a minor oversight. Freile said, “We could leave shotgun shells in our cars and we wouldn’t know about it. And when we come on campus, we’re violating school policy and we could be expelled.”

So SAGA reps are worried about being defenseless in case of attack and about being punished for making a mistake that does not endanger anyone, but school administrators have no intention of comporting with the resolution. Instead, they released a statement saying, “The Catholic University of America does not have any plans to change or to consider changing the Code of Student Conduct to accommodate students who might wish to carry firearms on campus.”

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