Baltimore Mayor Makes Statement In Front of ‘No Justice, No Peace’ Sign

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Just days after riots, arson, and looting roiled the city of Baltimore, while standing in front of a sign that read, “No Justice, No Peace,” Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a statement covered live on cable news.

The sign is for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. Sharpton was present during the speech and has himself been connected to numerous incidents of racial mob violence. He also owes upwards of $4 million in back taxes.

Sharpton has served as President Obama’s go-to man on race. From Occupy Wall Street to Oakland to Ferguson to New York to Baltimore, the chaos in our streets ushered in by the racially-divisive Obama administration has been unceasing.

Sharpton, who moonlights as a MSNBC primetime anchor,  shielded the mayor from questions from the press.

While her fellow Democrats and the mainstream media have attempted to rehabilitate her reputation since, Rawlings-Blake’s mishandling of the city’s riots have been the stuff of legend. Although she has since claimed she misspoke, Rawlings-Blake told the world Monday — during the worst of the riots — that she had intentionally held the police back in order to give the mobs “space … to destroy.”

“We gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well,” the Mayor said. “And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to deescalate. And that’s what you saw.”

Yesterday, a number of insiders claimed that the mayor did indeed order police to stand down.

The optics of the embattled and incompetent mayor of a city still simmering from riots standing in front of a “No Justice, No Peace” sign could not be worse. The symbolism, however, sums up her failed leadership in ways words could never do.

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