Salon Columnist Blames Texas Jihad Attack on ‘Anti-Muslim Bigots’

Almost immediately after two men armed with AK-47s tried to shoot up Islamist awareness activist Pamela Geller’s Mohammed art exhibit, widely-respected left-wing Salon and Alternet columnist and Islamic apologist Ziad Jilani used Twitter to blame the shooting on “anti-Muslim bigots.”
Jilani wrote:
Garland, TX is a hotbed of anti-Muslim bigots and they’re all armed, without facts coming out already seeing folks there say horrible things.
I dont know who did the shooting or why, but don’t think Muslims feel threatened only because of a stupid cartoon
Anti-Muslim mob in Garland, in January, “You are not Americans. Don’t fly our flag.”
It seems that after every tragedy or crime, the post-Alinsky Left tries to change the subject to their own anti-American agenda. Mr. Jilani did so with astonishing speed in this case.


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