Store Clerk Snatches Shotgun Away, Pulls Own Gun and Kills Robber

Channel 2 News

On May 7, two robbers allegedly entered the Smoke Shop in Decatur, Georgia, and “put the barrel of a shotgun to the neck of the store clerk.” The clerk managed to grab the shotgun and move it, then pull his own gun, shoot, and kill one of suspects.

The incident took place around 1 p.m.

According to WSB-TV 2, once the barrel of the shotgun was placed against the clerk’s neck, he grabbed it “and pulled out his gun.” He then “fired several rounds, striking one of the two robbers.”

One of the two suspects died in the Smoke Shop and the other “fled in a white SUV.” The suspect who fled was arrested approximately three hours later.

Police indicated “the same two armed robbers tried to rob another business less than a mile away from the Smoke Shop.” For this reason, they are not releasing the identity of the suspect in custody, as they want him to appear in a photo lineup.

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