Planned Parenthood’s Sick Exploitation of Mother’s Day

Stephen Brashear/ Getty Images North America / AFP
Stephen Brashear/ Getty Images North America / AFP

For mothers out there who regret having children and would have done otherwise if only they had better access to “reproductive health” options, Planned Parenthood wants them to know it feels their pain.

One might think that the abortion-providing behemoth that ironically calls itself Planned Parenthood might give it a rest for one day—the day devoted to celebrating the generous, life-giving choice of motherhood. But no, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America came out this year with four choices of Mother’s Day cards to remind people that they “care.”

In the true spirit of Margaret Sanger, three of the four cards depict black women.

One of the cards allegedly recounts the experience of a 45-year-old mother in Nairobi, who “has never used family planning, but wants her daughter to be able to use it to have more control over her future.” The message could not be more clear: “Dear daughter, don’t make the mistake I did in having you. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, you won’t have to.”

Another card tells us that a woman named Shawanna became pregnant at the age of 17. After considering her options and her circumstances, “she decided that terminating her pregnancy was the best decision for her at the time.” Later on, as a financially stable adult with a career, Shawanna became pregnant again and this time brought the child to term. The Mother’s Day message here? “Dear daughter, you should thank God every day that you won the lottery and I decided to keep you—unlike your nameless older sister whom you will never meet. Just pray the finances stay strong.”

A third Mother’s Day card cites a woman named Chloe, oozing with gratitude for the Supreme Court’s decision to wrench abortion regulation from the democratic process and impose abortion-on-demand for the country.

The weird thing is that Roe v. Wade never gave anyone “the right to be a mom by choice.” All women already had that right, even prior to 1973. It only gave women the “right” to legally kill their unborn children with impunity.

And that’s what Planned Parenthood thinks is worthy of celebrating.

On Mother’s Day.

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