At Paid Univision Event, Bill Clinton Endorses Path to Citizenship for Illegals, Policies of ‘Radical Inclusion’

On Tuesday at Univision’s upfront event for advertisers, Bill Clinton pushed for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and called for policies of “radical inclusion.”
“You’ve got to have a credible position on immigration reform,” Clinton reportedly said when asked how candidates should court Hispanic voters, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The only things that makes sense are a path for citizenship and support for children… The only thing to do is have a policy of radical inclusion.”
Univision, the Spanish-language network that has partnered with the Clinton Foundation on an education initiative, paid the former president for his appearance. Univision’s part-owner Haim Saban hosted a Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary Clinton last week and has vowed to spend “whatever it takes” to elect Hillary Clinton.
Clinton made his remarks a week after his wife turned away from his administration’s immigration policies in Nevada, making a left turn and pushing for a path to “full and equal citizenship” for illegal immigrants while vowing “to go even further” than President Barack Obama on executive amnesty.