Exclusive–Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ Organizer: Family out of State for Safety

AWR Hawkins / Breitbart News

On May 29 Phoenix’s own “Draw Muhammad” contest organizer Jon Ritzheimer told Breitbart News his family is safely out of the state.

Breitbart News got a few seconds with Rizheimer at Washington Park on North 23rd in Phoenix, the sight of the pre-rally for ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest. He was standing behind a pickup truck surrounded by members of the news media and rally participants, looking at cartoons of Muhammad that had already been turned in.

He was wearing fatigues and body armor–front and back–under his black t-shirt. He had a handgun on his hip.

Asked if he would like to make any comment, Ritzheimer said he had made all the comments he was going to make for now. He made clear that he will be making a statement when the “Draw Muhammad” contest ends later tonight.

Breitbart News previously reported that Ritzheimer’s home address had been published and his wife and children threatened, so this reporter asked if he could tell us that his family was safe. He paused a moment, then said they were safely out of the state.

All side streets and avenues leading to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix mosque are blocked by police barricades. Only those attending the mosque or who live in the surrounding neighborhoods are allowed to drive to it. All others must park and walk approximately three to four blocks or more to reach the mosque.

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