Atlantic’s Ball: Clinton’s Campaign Reset ‘Weird,’ ‘Like Her Russia Reset’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” The Atlantic’s Molly Ball discussed Hillary Clinton’s planned second campaign announcement event and said it was “almost like Hillary’s famous reset button,” with Russia, and people from “the Clinton world” considered the move weird.”

When host Andrea Mitchell said, “The Hillary Clinton campaign, they’re going to have their big roll out on Roosevelt Island next Saturday and then do four states, at least four states. But there’s a lot of concern among Democrats right now—not sure if—what the strategy is.”

Ball replied, “Yeah, it’s interesting that this is almost like Hillary’s famous reset button from when she was secretary of state. I’ve heard grumbling from people in Clinton world—this listening tour stage has gone on too long and it’s weird to have this second sort of announcement. So they are hoping that she really makes a forceful argument for her candidacy that sort of ties together a lot of the strands that she’s been sort of putting down here and there over the last few weeks.”

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