Six-Year-Old Joins Mother in Violent Walmart Fight


In a Beech Grove, Indiana, Walmart, video was taken of two women brutally assaulting each other; a boy who appeared to be the child of one woman was told by the woman to punch the other woman in her “****ing face.” He obliged, throwing punches and kicking. Witness told the boy to move away, but the boy responded, “You can’t tell me to stop.” According to WTHR, the boy is six years old.

The New York Daily News reported that one of the women jumped off her motorized scooter to knock her opponent into a shampoo aisle.

Beech Grove Police Maj. Tom Hurrle said:

It was actually started between a patron and a Walmart employee over the clogging of an aisle with some merchandise. They were trying to rectify the situation and a third party heard this dispute going on and jumped in the middle of it verbally and it escalated into a fistfight. It was an avoidable fight between two females that should have known better in front of a six-year-old boy.