Two Teens Killed Within a Block of Each Other as NYPD Cracks Down

New York City, NY

Two Brooklyn teens were stabbed to death within a block of each other as the New York Police Department began its crackdown on homicides and violent crime in the city.

One teen, Jamal Joseph, was killed in a shoe store at 249 Utica Ave around 7 pm, and the second teen, John Garrett, was killed four hours later “when he was stabbed in the chest at 1063 Eastern Parkway.”

According to PIX 11, the NYPD does not have motives and no arrests have been made. Police did say that “they were confident the two stabbings were not related,” although they have yet to determine if the killings were tied to gang violence.

The intensified police presence/crackdown is called the “Summer All-Out program.” It ramps up the number of officers in cars as well as the number on foot. However, the precinct in which Joseph and Garrett were killed lies outside the purview of the program and, therefore, outside of a heightened police presence.

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