Boehner Slams Republicans On Rule Votes

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

House Speaker John Boehner took on Republicans who do not vote with their party on procedural votes during a closed door caucus meeting Tuesday morning, according to Politico.

“I’m not very happy about it,” Boehner said, when asked after the meeting about defections on so-called “rule” votes. “And I made it pretty clear to the members today I was not very happy. We’re a team and we’ve worked hard to get the majority, we’ve worked hard to stay in the majority and I expect our team to act like a team. And I, frankly, made it pretty clear I wasn’t very happy.”

Following last week’s defeat of the Trade Adjustment Act, a component of the Obama trade agenda that must pass in order to get Trade Promotion Authority to the president’s desk, the House is slated to consider a rule the would give the chamber through July 30 to consider the measure again.

The vote on the rule is expected to take place Tuesday. Conservative groups have called on Republicans to vote against the rule as a way to further scuttle the Obamatrade effort. TPA would grant Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate trade deals.


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