Ro Khanna Won’t Answer on Trade Bill; Honda Opposes

Last week’s collapse of a potentially critical trade package deal in the House raised questions as to how two-time congressional candidate Ro Khanna’s view on the deal might differ from that of his rival, incumbent Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose).

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Exclusive — Gov. Perry on Obamatrade: ‘I Don’t Trust This President’

“I always like to preface all of this with, I’m a free trader, I’m for selling American products everywhere,” said Perry. “I’m a very strong proponent of economic development and trade. America can compete with anybody in the world…you give us a level playing field, and American workers will compete anywhere in the world. And we make good products, and our agricultural products are the best in the world.”


Heritage Foundation’s Jim DeMint: Obamatrade Isn’t Free Trade

Former Senator Jim DeMint, now President of the Heritage Foundation, compare’s the current trade deal considered by Congress with a bill he voted for in the Senate, concluding: “today’s version of fast track authority has become a legislative vehicle for those who favor protectionism and favoritism above freedom and opportunity.”

Jim Demint

AP: Congress To Vote On TPA As Early As Thursday

The decision to split up the bills comes as House Republicans and the White House attempt to figure out a way to pass “fast-track” in the face of diverse opposition. It would require reconsideration in the Senate as well.

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Boehner Slams Republicans On Rule Votes

The vote on the rule is expected to take place Tuesday. Conservative groups have called on Republicans to vote against the rule as a way to further scuttle the Obamatrade effort. TPA would grant Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate trade deals.


ConservativeHQ Warns Vote Tuesday Could Revive TAA, Urges Members To Vote ‘No’

Passage of TAA is necessarily in order to get the controversial Trade Promotion Authority, or “fast-track,” to the president’s desk. After their effort thwarted was last week, House Republicans and the White House are seeking to move TAA before the summer, to get the back that would grant Obama the authority to expedite consideration of trade deals over the finish line.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (AP)

House Leadership Considering Options On Trade Bill

McCarthy said that while there have been no decision made on how to move forward, he estimated that it would need to be completed before “the summer’s out,” reports say. According to Politico, McCarthy did not reveal whether the House would try for a re-do vote on TAA this week.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (AP)

GOP Leadership’s Latest Obamatrade Ploy Revealed: Small Business Tax Hike That Violates GOP’s Anti-Tax Pledge

Establishment Republicans desperately trying to secure the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which would give President Obama fast-track authority to secure congressional approval of at least three secretive trade deals, are now willing to increase taxes on small businesses in a way that would violate a pledge almost every Republican Congressman has taken when elected into office.


Obama Doubles Down: Pass TAA

In this week’s presidential address, President Barack Obama maintained that his top priority is to grow the American economy and to make sure that every hardworking American has a fair opportunity at success. Obama explained that Trade Adjustment Assistance can provide important help


Obama Declares Victory After House Fails Key Trade Vote

Obama urged members of Congress to pass that TAA portion of the bill, arguing that opponents of the legislation would hurt American workers, making it “even harder for them to succeed.” House members voted 302-126 against the Trade Adjustment Authorities (TAA) measure, which was a key component of the president’s plan to get it through the Senate.


AFL-CIO President Trumka Credits Pelosi With Blow To ObamaTrade

Pelosi took to the House floor to reveal that she would be opposing a the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) bill to “slow down the fast-track,” or Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). The 126-302 vote against TAA, represented a striking defeat for Obama who had visited the Democratic caucus that morning to plea for support.

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Heritage Action Will Score Fast-Track Vote

The conservative group is warning that it will be scoring the upcoming vote on providing President Obama fast-track authority to negotiate trade deals. “Absent ironclad public commitments from Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that the Export-Import Bank will not be reauthorized, Heritage Action will key vote against H.R. 1314,” the group warned Wednesday.

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