Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Drain Amnesty Slush Fund Subsidized by Legal Immigrants

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation on Wednesday that would forbid the Obama administration from using fees paid by legal immigrants to fund Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens.

The Immigration Slush Fund Elimination Act would stop the executive branch from using fees collected from legal immigrants who obeyed U.S. immigration law to pay for the ongoing illegal alien naturalization surge. Thanks to the million or so legal aliens flocking to America every year, that’s a lot of cash. Cruz notes that USCIS Chief Financial Officer Joseph Moore can lay claim to nearly $1 billion in application fees. Cruz’s bill would return the pursestrings back into Congress’s hands — and perhaps most importantly, stop the White House from ramping up legal immigration and issuing more and more fees in order to grant more illegal aliens amnesty.

Legal immigrants can wait up to ten years to become legalized and pay thousands of dollars in fees. Once Obama enacted his DACA executive amnesty order in 2012, wait times for legal immigrants tripled.

“America has always been a land of refuge and opportunity for those seeking freedom, and we should champion legal immigration,” Cruz said in a statement. “Ronald Reagan referred to legal immigrants, immigrants like my father, as Americans by choice. The federal government should not be in the business of looting the wallets of those who followed the law and came here legally to fund the President’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty. This bill will cut off DHS’s credit card and put Congress back in charge of funding the agencies responsible for immigration.”

In typical Obama fashion, amnesty is funded by a wealth transfer from the law-abiding to the law-breaking. A Mexican man who applies for U.S. citizenship and goes through the normal process subsidizes his Mexican neighbor who darted across the border, maybe threw a few rocks at border patrol, and lives in a sanctuary city while waiting for amnesty.

Both are legalized; Mexican man number one is poorer than his illegal cousin thanks to the fees he paid, and both of them work for lowered wages while voting for more government spending. It’s a win-win for Democrats and big business.

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