Report: Released Illegal Aliens Rapists Not Tracked or Registered as Sex Offenders

Marvin RECINOS/AFP/Getty Images

Illegal aliens who have been convicted of rape, child molestation, and other sex crimes are roaming free without being tracked or given sex offender status, a FOX 13 report reveals.

FOX 13 found the zipcodes that the criminal aliens reported at the time of their release. Where they are now, no one knows — and the government that operates a massive spying apparatus on Americans doesn’t care to keep track.

ICE officials don’t track sex offenders after releasing them into unsuspecting American neighborhoods. Nor do they put them on sex offender registries that might gives a heads-up to families who might prefer to raise their children in a rapist-free neighborhood. 

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling Zadvydas v. Davis (2001), the U.S. has become a dumping ground for Third World rapists. Aliens convicted of violent crimes can’t be held for more than six months if their home country (surprise) doesn’t want to take them back. The ruling unleashed 134,000 aliens onto American streets in only three years. 

Executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations at ICE Gary Mead told a House Congressional Subcommittee in 2011 that the released aliens went to commit a wave of crimes “including, but not limited to, arson, assault, property damage, extortion, forgery or fraud, homicide, kidnapping, weapons offenses, embezzlement, controlled substance offenses, and sexual offenses.” Released illegals also shot a New York state trooper and a Ft. Meyer cop who had a wife and three children. 

At least one case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome can be blamed on the Supreme Court ruling: In 2006, Vietnam immigrant Binh Thai Luc got out of prison after serving eight years for robbing a Chinese restaurant, and a federal judge ordered that he be deported. But Vietnam refused to provide travel documents to accommodate U.S. law — and sure enough, Luc slaughtered five people in 2012 while trying to rob them.

FOX 13 is set to release more details on its findings Wednesday evening.

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