Another Court Loss for Obama’s Amnesty… Not That it Matters

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If the rule of law still meant anything in Obama’s America, the President’s agenda of amnesty for illegal aliens would be in big trouble. It doesn’t, so the Administration just keeps pumping out amnesty documents, no matter how often federal courts order them to stop.

Team Obama even stooped to flat-out lying to a federal judge about the need for a temporary injunction to stop the amnesty printing press. Later they made a “surprise filing” to the judge disclosing that their previous statements were false, and – whoopsie! – they had already tossed 100,000 amnesty packages out.

So the news from Politico that “President Barack Obama appears likely to lose – again – in the protracted legal fight over his executive actions on immigration” doesn’t really mean much.

This all has nothing to do with laws, courts, elections, or the will of the American people. It’s a pure exercise in absolute tyranny. The Ruling Class has decided to import a new electorate, a perfect combination of cheap labor for Big Business and reliable Big Government votes for Democrats. No court, no vote, no crime wave, and no outcry from legitimate American citizens is going to stop them.

It’s all about using executive fiat to change the facts on the ground quickly. By the time courts and voters catch up, riding upon the relatively slow rails of legal and electoral process, hundreds of thousands of people will have been given citizenship and welfare benefits that cannot be taken away from them.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s the latest rusty shriek of outrage from the obsolete legal system:

Two of the three appeals court judges who heard oral arguments Friday on the Obama administration’s immigration programs were skeptical about the legal merits of the directive, which could halt deportations for more than 4 million immigrants here illegally who have family ties in the United States.

The chilly reception from the three-judge panel in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on whether Obama had legal authority to take such action seems to indicate that a lower court decision blocking the new programs would stay in place.

The Obama administration has argued that the executive actions were a standard use of prosecutorial discretion, since the federal government does not have the resources to deport the estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally. But Judge Jerry Smith disputed that contention.

“It puts them one step ahead in terms of being eligible for lots of potential benefits, whether those are Social Security and Medicare, work authorization, earned income tax credits, and on the state level, drivers’ licenses,” Smith said of immigrants who would benefit from Obama’s actions. “Just seems to me that … it really is a lot more than prosecutorial discretion.”

As for the judge who was deceived and defied by the Administration, District Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas, he still seems to be operating under the impression that some sort of “law” applies to King Barack I and his imported supplicants. He ordered the Administration to rescind 2,000 work permits for illegals issued in defiance of his orders, and they simply ignored him. In fact, they issued another 500 three-year work permits after his block orders were handed down.

When last U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was heard from on the matter, they said they had been reduced to “pleading with the illegal immigrants to return the three-year cards,” but “they are having trouble getting some of the lucky recipients to send them back,” according to the Washington Times.

What an amazing spectacle!

People who broke the law and occupied the United States illegally are refusing to give back the work permits they were issued in error… and the almighty Leviathan State, the same government that will bring its boot down on your neck if you dream of defying ObamaCare or gay marriage orders, just shrugs and whines about how tough it is to persuade those who didn’t surrender their illegitimate permits immediately.

It’s supposedly impossible to enforce U.S. immigration law because illegals were elusive figures who “live in the shadows” and can’t be found once they cross the border. It sounds like the government has no trouble at all finding them when it wants to hand out goodie bags.

Politico writes that Judge Hanen has now ordered “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and other top immigration officials to appear before him in August to explain why the administration keeps issuing work permits for undocumented immigrants under criteria that are currently blocked under Hanen’s order.”

That ought to be good for a bit of amusing courtroom theater, assuming anyone from King Barack’s royal court bothers to show up. Actually the Politico article suggests the judge is already starting to get the picture about how utterly meaningless the rule of law is to Obama’s amnesty express, and ameliorating his demands: “Hanen had said he’d be willing to dismiss his demand for Johnson to appear before him in court if he’s satisfied with the steps that the administration takes to revoke the three-year permits. The Obama administration said in the Thursday court filing that it would file a status report on July 31 about how the government is trying to correct those issues.”

So the judge will settle for a bit of bureaucratic cheese on July 31, prepared by the same people who lied to his face in their previous “status report,” while work permits and other citizenship freebies keep flowing, more illegals stroll across the porous border, and the American people are told their desire for security and respectable citizenship has been forever checkmated.

Sorry, folks, it turns out you needed to demand action – and vote in vast numbers almost exclusively on that basis – twenty or thirty years ago if you wanted secure borders and serious citizenship laws, and even then you would have needed a flock of federal judges orbiting several successive Administrations like hawks to make it stick.

It’s a bit uncomfortable for the illegal immigration caucus that a few high-profile murders by illegal aliens are threatening to awaken the public to the dangers of their agenda, including one committed by a twice-deported illegal just a few miles from the nominal home of the leading Democrat candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. It’s providing an unexpected boost for the only presidential candidate thus far willing to discuss the issue frankly, Donald Trump – in part because he’s getting a white-hot media spotlight from “journalists” who think they can paint him as a xenophobe, and spread the smear to the rest of the Republican Party.

But at the end of the day, the facts on the ground are being changed, the rule of law has been degraded – perhaps beyond repair, from the look of these “sanctuary cities” and their flagrant defiance of the law, under congressional majorities both Republican and Democrat – and a beaten American public will be intimidated into accepting the amnesty agenda, in part because they will be assured every alternative program is utterly unthinkable. Funny how sometimes court decisions “settle the law of the land” and decisively end arguments, to the point where free speech must be annihilated to silence all remaining dissent, while other times they don’t matter at all.


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