Occupy Movement Finds Its Spokesman

REUTERS/Andrew Burton

The Occupy movement has finally found its spokesman.

Daniel Kimery, 36, a panhandler wearing a sleeveless green T-shirt celebrating the Occupy movement, carried a sign near the Crossroad of the Worlds in New York City reading, “F–k You!!! Pay Me!!!!!!! I need money 4 Drugz & Hoez & Weaponz Mother F–kerz!”

Kimery, who has been arrested four times in New York since July 2013, has ­social media accounts that feature his endorsements of Occupy, Anonymous, legalized marijuana, and anti-police groups, according to the New York Post.

On Wednesday, the loquacious panhandler cursed and screamed at passers-by as he panhandled near the NYPD’s Times Square substation at 43rd Street and Broadway. He wore a bandanna to cover his face, akin to the anarchists in last year’s anti-police demonstrations.

‘F- -k you! Pay me!': Times Square’s new welcome wagon

New York Post

The NYPD told the Post that Kimery comes from Hot Springs, AR. His four arrests include breaking a restroom door inside Trinity Church in July 2013 and reportedly yelling ­“f–king n—ers” as he was accosted by police, turnstile-jumping, sleeping on the Riverpark restaurant’s terrace, and possessing an open beer in Tribeca, which precipitated a warrant for his arrest when he was absent from court.

On one social media account, Kimery listed his education as “Studied Standing up to The Pigs at Occupy Wall St.” On a GoFundMe page, Kimery boasted that he had been to 10 “Occupys”: Little Rock, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, Oakland, San Francisco, and twice at Wall Street. He bragged that he was “The Creator of Re-Occupy Wall Street June 1st 2013.”

Kimery apparently has his choice of digs. On June 18, he tweeted a picture of Trinity Chruch with people sleeping outside, captioning the photo: “This is where I live now. Come join The Party at #OccupyTrinity!” Yet last Monday, Kimery alerted the world he was moving to a more celebrated neighborhood, stating, “I will be suspending my ‪#‎OccupyTrinity‬ protest indefinitely,” adding “come find me in Times Square.”

Kimery was arrested a fifth time on Wednesday, as he was charged with criminal mischief. He reportedly broke a Post reporter’s camera equipment while yelling, “I’m going to find you. I know a lot of people on the streets. I can’t wait to f–k you up.”


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