Anti-Conservative Brad Dayspring Haunts Scott Walker Amid White House Bid Announcement

Walker AP
Morry Gash, AP

Anti-conservative operative Brad Dayspring is haunting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker amid his presidential campaign launch, coming up in several interviews and interfering with the ability of the governor to get his message of reform out to Republican voters.

Mere hours after Fox News’ Sean Hannity pressed Walker on his Super PAC’s decision to bring the controversial GOP establishment hit man aboard their team—in which Walker threw Dayspring to the wolves, refusing to defend him—Walker was pressed yet again on the hire by Boston-area radio host Howie Carr.

Carr, who’s massively influential in New Hampshire, asked Walker about the anti-conservative Dayspring on Tuesday in a radio interview.

“Brad Dayspring, you’re getting a lot of heat about this guy Brad Dayspring. He was connected with your campaign—you say he’s not on your campaign. He doesn’t like conservatives, allegedly,” Carr asked Walker on Tuesday. “What’s the story with that, with Brad Dayspring?”

Walker replied by again choosing not to defend Dayspring.

“Well, I mentioned this to Hannity last night, I do hear a lot about it I just honestly don’t get into the political operative side of who’s who,” Walker said.

But they pointed out to me: He’s on one of these Super PACs, he’s not on my campaign payroll. He’s not somebody who works for me. He’s on one of these many Super PACs out there and as you know by law we literally can’t legally tell them what to do—good, bad or anything in between. The people who work for me—I get a kick out of last week, the New York Times, after writing a story about how I’m beholden to all these conservative groups and think tanks wrote a piece last week about how I’m my own political adviser so I can’t think they have figured out which I am. But I think the reason they say that is even though I’ve got good staff, as I’ve mentioned, my own personal campaign staff, in the end I am who I am. I haven’t in all my years in office being a governor, a Milwaukee County Executive where I was been elected to a county that’s had about a two to one advantage for Democrats. I ran as a conservative. Just like I’m doing now.

Walker’s team still hasn’t answered whether or not they did, as several other Republican presidential campaign staffers told Breitbart News, offer Dayspring this job three months ago back when there was no firewall between the campaign-in-waiting and Super PAC. At that point in time, Walker himself would have had ultimate say in whether Dayspring got such an offer. Dayspring and staff for the Unintimidated PAC, the pro-Walker Super PAC for which he works, have not answered that question either.

Spokespersons for the Unintimidated PAC have not responded to follow-up requests for comment on whether now that Dayspring is turning into more of a liability than a positive for the pro-Walker effort if they are going to take any actions to rectify this situation.


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